Inspiring emotions

Inspiring Emotions

We pour everything into our designs and want to inspire a range of emotions in people so they don’t just go “oh” but “aw” as well.


Animating folks with animation

We love a challenge. Like getting customers excited about a client’s new financial service in a fun and friendly way. Take a look at the result.

You guys rock. The gameplan video was a total joy, super clear and has a lovely warmth to it. Bravo team!

Abi Pearl

Head of advertising at giffgaff

Client time

Dynamic banners, crafty copy

When Sightsavers needed a little help with some digital designs we jumped into action and crafted some touching copy, created some crafty ads and curated the whole campaign to inspire people to get involved with this wonderful charity.

Team Member

This is Ana

Our video and animation expert, Ana is also a superstar designer, amateur traveller, frequent festival goer and very experienced partier.

Ana Lourenço

Motion designer

After Brunch

Fresh brunches that rock

When not busy organising fresh, international daytime parties, After Brunch wanted to get across the mood of their events with some fabulously funky digital ads. We got in the mood, started doodling and the ideas flowed. The result: pretty posters that rocked their social networks.

Out Of Office

Bipolar's a way of life

Being the multi-talented bunch we are occasionally a team member decides to take up a different challenge, but they don’t ever really leave. We keep in touch, go for drinks and dinner and do our best with an awesome leaving gift, like a ukulele and a make-your-own novel set. .

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