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Embracing Emotions

It all started in our childhood. Our families shared their passions with us and they stuck. They lit a wick and ignited a creative flame.


Taking it to the rooftop

A top collection of luxury hotels wanted to boost its rooftop bar. Fires ignited in our belly. We couldn't resist joining forces with ME by Melia. And we're heading straight for the top.

A team of greats who do not know the meaning of the word impossible. Thank you for creating our dream journey through the senses with passion and dedication.

Inés García

CMO at Nuba

Client Time

Dining all over the world

When entertaining their top customers luxury travel agency Nuba insist upon a truly sensual dining experience, an experience we crafted as expert emotion-makers. Spearheaded by our captain, Marc, guests are treated to a five-course meal supported by a series of country-specific 360º audiovisuals. Each dish is from a different location Nuba cater to. Words can’t do it justice. Check it out.

Out Of Office

The birth of Bipolar

Bipolar was born in 2007 in Madrid when two creative chaps met at a car club. Young and passionate and with a trunkload of ideas, Noé and Marc quickly started designing lots of weird and wonderful things together. What made them different then and today was the emotion at the core of everything they did. They didn’t just aspire to create emotional designs they insisted upon it.

Team Member

This is Marc

He’s the captain of our ship and “wanderlust” is his middle name. He also happens to be an awesome DJ on the side.

Marc Exposito


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