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Creating Emotions

Every time we start a project we ask ourselves, how do we want people to feel? Making something look pretty is one thing, but we want to rock your world.

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A Joyous Republic

A disruptive UK mobile network was looking for a way to take employee engagement to the next level. We donned our thinking caps and after some careful planning and teamwork, the Joyous Republic of giffgaff was born.

It encourages cross-team collaboration, highlights personal interests and allows staff to connect on a more personal level at work.

Want to know more? Take a lot at what the Joyous Republic means to giffgaff.

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La Fresca

2017 was an especially exciting year for us with events because we launched La Fresca, our sister events company based in Madrid. With a number of awesome events under our belt, you can be sure there'll be more La Fresca fun to come.

The Stats

The power of partying

Over the last 3 years we’ve hosted a range of incredible events from poolside parties to rousing rooftop soirees and more industrious corporate gatherings.

Filling the room

We’re experts at getting the right people to your event and making sure its aligned with some incredible brands. In the past we’ve filled the Circulo de Bellas Artes and got people like Red Bull to sponsor our events.

Team Member

This is Sonia

A curious child bursting with creativity, Sonia is now an actress and singer who also does a sterling job managing our events team.

Sonia Reig

Events manager

Out Of Office

Delicious notebooks

We like to be disruptive but not everything needs to change all the time. So, every year when Christmas rolls around we don our Santa hats and treat our clients to some Catanias, traditional Catalan sweets as well as some fabulous Bipolar notebooks.

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