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At Bipolar Artist we start every project from scratch, as we feel that our work is not just about developing gorgeous graphic designs and producing fantastic fully-optimised content. It’s also about redefining people’s online and offline experiences and influencing how those experiences affect the perception of a brand’s products and services.

Taking you and your business to the next level in London, Barcelona, Madrid and beyond.

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Websites done right

Mobile usage is now overtaking desktop usage, which means that a non-mobile friendly website is an off-market site for any business. We help our clients jump that online hurdle by taking their websites into the future and designing strong, multi-platform sites that cater for the modern customer.

Are you being left behind or are you moving forward?

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Go the extra mile

In an increasingly demanding world it's extremely important for you to create true long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Instead of the traditional clients that everyone is looking for, we help you gain real lovers of your brand, products and services. We do this by focusing on effective online engagement with a targeted audience.

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Who are we

We are a graphic design and online development studio based in London, Madrid and Barcelona. We create visual experiences based on brand concepts, values and unique style.

We have a strong ethos that, as our wonderful clients, your core needs are the fundamental brief for each project. We make it our priority to understand those needs so that we can help you design, develop and support successful brands – both online and offline. That means working our magic with your websites, advertising campaigns, catalogues, newsletters and any other kind of media you can think of.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our goal is to communicate the essence of your brand in the best possible way. To do so, we make sure that we have a thorough understanding of what you do and where you want to go. We then design the most appropriate and innovative solution for you and incorporate fully-personalised content written using your company’s own unique tone of voice. We put our creative expertise into practice and, by narrowing down your audience, we target the customers who are most likely to become future lovers of your products and/or services.

We strongly believe that you‘ll enjoy joining us on the path to improving your brand’s communications – after all, the journey is often more important than the destination.

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We pride ourselves on making a real difference for our clients. Combining first-rate graphic design, innovation and creative experience, we make it our business to improve your online and offline communications.


We use our expert knowledge of user experience and interface design to fully optimise websites, newsletters, online advertising, graphics, SEO and everything else that you might see on a screen.

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Graphic and editorial design, illustrations, product, fashion and still photography, post-production and everything else that you might see in print.

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Art direction, brand identity, visual language, social content, product launching, presentations and anything else you might need to visually strengthen your brand.

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