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Embracing Emotions

It all started in our childhood. Our families shared their passions with us and they stuck. They lit a wick and ignited a creative flame.

Client Time

Immersive experiences

We take corporate launches and business gatherings to the next level. At the very special Alma Sensai Club in Madrid, we organise experiences that will have you and your guests buzzing with excitement.


Fuelling the creative flame

As creative people, it’s important to embrace the highs and lows in life. We use those emotions, good and bad, to create our best work. Even embracing fear. Like publishing this photo of Marc and Noé.

The Team

An international gang

We’ve crafted our own special recipe for a kick-ass creative team by combining ingredients from Barcelona, Madrid, London, Tenerife, Murcia, Dublin and Mexico. Olé!

Team Member

This is Marc

He’s the captain of our ship and “wanderlust” is his middle name. He also happens to be an awesome DJ on the side.

Marc Exposito


Contact Us

If you want to say adios to the status quo and boost your business, then give us a shout.

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